Friday, 19 December 2008

Under Pressure?

A familiar experience around at this time of the year...pressure! So when looking for a photo to describe how one or two of us may be feeling with the Big Day looming fast , I found this...and the following description!
Pressure Cooking in the 1880s
'Pressure cookers have been around for a lot longer than many people realize. Unfortunately, a lot of misconceptions remain from some of those early days of cheap imitations, poor quality, and unregulated production. So it might be good to point out that today...
Pressure cookers are NOT prone to blowing their lids, denting ceilings, and spreading their contents throughout the kitchen
Pressure cookers do NOT need to be approached with undue caution when checking pressure levels.
Pressure cookers are NOT blowing, hissing, steaming monsters that shudder and rumble on your stove top'.

Ever get the feeling someone's talking about you?!

Molly x

PS ...Do any of you actually use a pressure cooker I wonder? - I've always been far too scared of them myself, all that hissing and blowing going on. Let's face it there's enough of that going on in the kitchen anyway without kitchen appliances joining in!


dani said...

hi, molly:)
i have cooked all my life. i am actually a gourmet cook and baker, which i did professionally for 7 years when katherine was small.
however, i have NEVER used a pressure cooker in my life!!! my grandmothers, mother, and aunts used/use and swear by them, but i never have.
i tend to think they are dangerous (the safety engineer in me) and would rather slow cook than pressure cook... another thing about me, tee-hee, i rarely ever feel like a pressure cooker... as the good LORD has blessed me with the gift of being a very "laid back" "go with the flow" kind of personality. in other words, i let very little bother me!!!
i think you are very smart not to cook under pressure:P

The Veggie Queen said...

I use my pressure cooker all the time and actually teach others how to do so. The new ones are safe and easy to use -- quiet, too.
You can see more about pressure cooking at or
I encourage everyone to use a pressure cooker to make great food fast. I have a post link on why pressure cooking is better than slow cooking. But it's always a choice. Good food can be made many ways.

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Thanks Jill for your comments.
Personally I've used my steamer day in day out these past few years which I adore, but maybe I will think about using a pressure cooker in 2009!

All Best