Saturday, 27 December 2008

That Post- Christmas Feeling...

Phew! - It's over..until the New Year festivities begin of course!

I trust each of you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we enjoyed ours - and really look forward to hearing some of your festive stories!

With an excess of all things tasty and good..I leave you a photo of dear Hollie, which I think sums up that post-Christmas feeling for many of us today!



The blog of MBW said...

Ohh, she's so sweet. Did she get a Christmas gift too? I just want to kiss and hug her. Can you tell that I love dogs? I have one and she is a spoiled rotten.

I had a nice Christmas. :-)

dani said...

molly, my maggie has looked quite the same:) your hollie is precious; there is no more adorable face than that of a ckcs!!!
rest, my friend, the new year's celebrations are right around the corner:D

Tabitha said...

We are feeling a bit like that here too!!
It is sort of a limbo time between christmas and new year ~ I suppose we should all make the most of a little break,
Love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Toni said...

what a wonderful feeling I hd it to after Christmas she looks well and truly Christmassed out