Monday, 29 December 2008

The 2008 Hero - You!

Well, 2008 is nearly finished.. it's been a bit like a box of chocolates hasn't it?! - never quite knowing what's coming out of the box next. For many, it's been an incredibly difficult one - a year in which we have seen the misery inflicted on families worldwide as a result of the global recession. Job cuts, a major slump in industry and the housing market-deep uncertainty will be weighing very heavily on the minds of millions as we approach the New Year.

I wanted to just share something that I stumbled upon last week- Simply because I felt it might just throw a slightly different emphasis on this time of the year and the way in which we may be approaching 2009.

On Wednesday (New Years Eve) our usual group of patients will be meeting up for their Day Therapy Session at our local hospice. I am a volunteer and was desperately trying to think of something that would be a welcome diversion from their situation at this time of the year- trying to think of something a little upbeat along with a large dose of the 'feel-good factor'. Hmm..not easy.. Nothing immediately came to mind that would be appropriate for this very special group of people. I decided to 'sleep on it', hoping that inspiration would come from somewhere, and fortunately it did - just simply one word. Hero.

Why 'hero' and, more importantly what was I going to do with or about that word??! ..We are all familiar with the numerous 'award' type media events ...The Oscars..The Golden Globes..The Television Awards etc etc.. So, I thought, what fun it would be for us at the hospice to hold our very own 'Hero Awards' ceremony for each of the patients. - Each of the patients will receive their own 'certificate' with a little humorous comment or an 'in joke' along with a rosette. Okay, maybe we can't have too many glasses of bubbly like the celebs do, but with a glass of sherry who knows the heights of humour that will be reached! I just happen to believe that every single person who walks through those doors of the hospice are hero's - staff included, so everyone involved in our little unit will be receiving their very own 'Special Hero Award' too! Looks like Wednesday may be a busy one - If nothing else, if each of the patients return home with a renewed sense of themselves, and a smile on their faces, then it will be worth it.

So what has a 'Hero Award Service' really got to do with the rest of us facing the uncertainty of a New Year? Lots actually, or at least I think so. I believe that every person facing the possibility of redundancy,the loss of our savings/pensions and so forth, the reality of losing their home, the family desperately trying to hold it together in the midst of financial ruin, the mental and physical illness that can and does stem from being under tremendous pressure - each and every one of these people is a hero.

Okay, so maybe the answer isn't that we all all give each other simplistic 'awards' or rosettes - but what we can give is our time, our friendship, our patience and understanding.Of course we may be in a position to offer practical or financial help - but most importantly we can give our energy, our patience - and above everything else - respect.

My Best Wishes for 2009...and don't forget there's a hero standing not far from you right now! - Do tell me some of your 'hero stories' - It's good to share and I would love to hear from you.

Love Molly x


The blog of MBW said...

Nice to hear that you volunteer at the hospice and it will be good to give out awards to lift their spirits.

The brave men and women serving in Iraq are my heroes. Thank God that my son got out of there safely. Hope that it will not be too long before everybody is back home with their loved ones.

Shellmo said...

I love the "hero" awards- so thoughtful and uplifting! I think it's wonderful that you volunteer at hospice - not a job everyone can do. I just signed up to volunteer at a local hospital and my training starts at the end of this month - looking forward to it.

ECE AYMER said...

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KimBERLY said...

Bravo to Molly!! Love your blog and contents........especially the "hero" idea. Happy New Year! Hugs, Kim

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Thank you all for your kind comments - and lovely to hear from some newbies too!
-Fingers crossed for the 'awards ceremony' tomorrow for the patients - I shall report back soon!
MBW- Indeed our forces THE heroes - it must be such a terrible worry to have a loved one serving overseas...and glad to know your son is back safely :))
Shellmo- Thank you for your kind comments - hope your hospital induction goes well for you - let me know how it goes..
Ece Aymer - Glad to know you have such fond memories of olde england! - My guess is you have seen much of the world having worked for BA - how exciting!
Thanks Kim for your comments too - lovely to hear from you and please feel welcome to return as often as you wish!
Keep warm's getting very very chilly around these parts just right now!
Molly x

dani said...

i totally agree with you in regards to hospice, molly; the world is totally blessed to have hospice and its payed/unpayed workers:) as a volunteer you are truly a hero, and those you work with who are facing their mortality are heroes in that they are touching your life and allowing you to be a part of the end of theirs...
molly, i have had many heroes in my life, and i thank God for them. i'm sure many thank God for you!!!
much love,
ps. i know your ceremony will be so special:D

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Thanks Dani - what an incredibly sweet comment of you to leave, thank you so very much hun.
Indeed we are blessed with many special folks that come and go in our lives.
-Let's celebrate 'em!
All the very best for 2009!
Molly x

ECE AYMER said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment on my blog. Hope to have wonderful 2009!

Villa Luftslottet said...

I wish you a happy new year and sending a big hug:)

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Ooooh! thanks everyone x
Molly x

Tabitha said...

The award ceremony sounds like a brilliant idea Molly ~ I am looking forward to hearing how it goes.
I hope that you have a very Happy New Year ~ hope 2009 brings you lots of love, luck and happiness.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXX

The blog of MBW said...

I just came back to wish you a "Happy New Year."


david santos said...

Great picture, my friend, great!!!

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments and encouragement. The 'awards ceremony' unfortunately didn't happen on Wednesday due to circumstances - but all being well is set for Wednesday of next week - will keep you all posted!
M x