Friday, 12 December 2008

Keeping Christmas Clean!

Morning all!
Keeping Christmas Clean? Well, I'm not advocating that we all refrain from the odd naughty joke or two this Season - but it seems that my friends and loved ones will be especially 'clean' this Yuletide in the true sense!

If you are anything like me you will have friends and colleagues that you wish to remember at Christmas time by giving them just a small gift. - I like to buy or make unusual personalised gifts wherever possible, but of course they can soon add up when you have to buy so many.

This year I decided to have a go at decorating soap and candles - all relatively cheap items to purchase. I managed to find high quality gentle fragrance free soap and some chunky, plain candles at a pound shop. I then bought some fantastic laser water-slip decals from my favourite online craft shop- 'Crafty Computer Paper' - . It's amazing just how many images and words you can place on one sheet of A4 decal! They are really economic, and such fun to make. It was such an easy process, - first choose your image/write your wording then just print off your sheet, cut around your image or wording, place in a bowl of water for about 45 seconds and then gently ease off from the backing paper and place on your candle or soap - done! - easy as that!

I am so pleased with the results - I know the picture doesn't really do them justice as they are, but once they are wrapped up in their individual bags, tied up with ribbons and embelishments they will look fantastic. The nice thing about these is that you can make them so individual for folks, something we all appreciate.
Incidentally, Crafty Computer Paper sell some fabulous really unusual papers/decals etc - in fact everything for being 'crafty with your computer'. They are also extremely helpful if you should get stuck and need to ask anything - which is always a bonus!
I have embelished some nice cardigans and tops using their fabulous cotton iron-on transfers. They are great quality, and survive the laundry process (with care!), and of course it's a great way to turn a fairly ordinary garment into something unusual and individual. - I'll see if I can post some photo's of them in the New Year.
Enjoy your Friday everyone! - and remember if you want an especially 'clean' Christmas - get out there and buy some soap to decorate!

Love Molly x


The blog of MBW said...

Those are nice, Molly. That is a brilliant gift idea. They will appreciate it because you took the time to personalized it.

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Thanks! - I've currently got all the little soaps in my bedroom awaiting wrapping, and they are making the room smell wonderful!
Enjoy your weekend!
Molly x

dani said...

what a lovely idea, molly:) the soaps are sure to be a big hit!!!
i hope you have a wonderful friday, too, my friend.

Tabitha said...

They are wonderful ~ what a great idea ~ you friends will love them!!
Have a relaxing weekend.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX