Saturday, 13 December 2008

Those Three Wise Men...

I heard this on the Paul Ross Show on BBC Southern Counties Radio this morning and it made me smile – thought I would share it…
Just imagine if the Three Wise Men who went in search of Baby Jesus had actually been a women..
For starters, they would have planned the journey to such an extent that they wouldn't have had to ask for directions - taking with them ample supplies of food (and chocolate) to last a lifetime . They would have made sure to arrive on time, promptly rolled up their sleeves, put water onto boil whilst assisting with the delivery.
As for gifts - one of the Wise Women would have cleaned the stable from top to bottom; another would have thoughtfully brought a nourishing casserole to pop on the fire, and the third an ample supply of mother and baby necessities.

…And it goes without saying that there would be Peace on Earth!

As for this, supposedly ‘Wise Woman’ I’m off to the wonderful Chichester Cathedral for a carol service. With the vile weather we are experiencing along the south coast today, maybe it’s not very ‘wise’ of me!
Enjoy your (much wiser) day everyone -

Molly x


Auntie Joy said...

Hi Molly,
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I do wish you lived a bit closer so we could get together in person, I think from reading severl of your prevous posts we would have a lot in common. I was thinking of the Woolworth's from my childhood as I was reading. I agreed with the 3 wise woman story and I also was chuckling about the "girdles". I was so pleased to hear that it was allowing your mother some comfort!
Have a great holiday season, I will be back to catch up on all the news!

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Thank you Joy for your lovely comments - most kind.
I've just been on over to your blog and have been admiring your beautiful photos of your decs...ooooh so lovely, you artistic person you!
As you say, I think we would have much in common, let's not let a few thousand miles come between us!
Enjoy the holidays!
Molly x

dani said...

MEN!!! hahaha... molly, you are correct about how the three wise women would have handled things (much, much differently and definitely more efficiently:)
i hope you enjoyed your Christmas program and that your weather has calmed a bit. the wind is blowing here today (50-70 km/hr)... a cold front is headed our way bringing a wintry mix!!!
much love,

Tabitha said...

Wise words indeed ha ha !!
I have been to Chicester Cathedral it is sooo pretty!!
Hope you had a good day.
Love and hugs XXXX