Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Flick's Festive Flick

I always enjoy cuddling up with family to watch a Christmas film, and last night we kicked off the holidays with a smasher; - ‘The Holiday’ (2007) starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law & Jack Black.
If you want charming English snow scenes and a roses-around-the-door cottage, all expertly wrapped up with a handsome looking cast, then this is the film for you
We can always guarantee that our younger daughter, Felicity (or Fliss as she is known by all who know and love her – or as as in the case with my headline 'Flick' which I think you will agree sounds snappier) will choose the right film for the right occasion and she really chose well last night. For a couple of fun love stories, a large dose of the feel-good-factor mixed with heavenly scenes of glowing fires and steamy hot baths this really is a film for the season
With our own fire crackling in the grate, the three of us sat enveloped in our cuddle blankets sipping hot chocolate...Indeed it was treats all round. The gorgeous Jude Law for Fliss and myself and hubs insisting his toes were feeling the warmest they had felt all day having seen the oh-so-stunning Cameron Diaz.
Knowing that the film was shot in a couple of different Surrey locations – Godalming and Shere , I was determined to discover the exact location of this perfectly beautiful little cottage, charmingly called 'Rosehill' -I wanted to go and see it for myself one day , to relive my dreams of Jude Law .. I Googled away..only to find out that the cottage never existed and that in fact it was built as part of the film set! – What a disappointment!
Oh well, bring on the next flick Fliss.
…The moral of the story girls -and boys? Some things in this life are best left to the realms of fantasy!
Love Molly x


My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hi Molly,
Thanks heaps for visiting me, I have never heard of that movie, will have to find it after Chrissie! The cottage sounds beautiful, just the sort of home I would love, & snow at Chrissie would really love to see that. I grew up in New Zealand & can remember one Christmas in the middle of a heat wave we woke up Christmas morn to snow! Not the lovely thick Christmas card sort, it was already turning to sluch, but at least I tell myseld if I didn't look out the windows that it was like a picture postcard outside. One of these days I will travel to Europe & have a Christmas over there. Will be in heaven.
Hope you & your family have the best Christmas ever & that 2009 is everything you are hoping for.

Lyn xoxox

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Thanks Lyn for your kind message.
It seems strange for us to try to imagine Christmas in the heat - equally for you to imagine us freezing cold! - Actually, it's not that cold this week, in fact positively mild really, so no hope of any of the white stuff!
Our Greetings too are winding their way around the world to you and yours!
Molly x

Pat Winter said...

I loved "The Holiday" . You certainly have my attention with your posts, they are everything I love.