Saturday, 6 December 2008

My First Follower!

No, not this little darling (although she does literally follow me everywhere!) - I mean - My First Blog Follower! - and that, by me is a special mollymoment this morning when I came down to a rather chilly kitchen first thing and switched my laptop on! What a lovely surprise to hear from 'The Blog of MBW' - all the way from Germany. - Your blog is just lovely (so, so pretty you clever girl you!) and your vintage furniture is just gorgeous. Old is def the best isn't it!

So, I am off for my Christmas Fair in the hope that we sell lots of goodies in aid of WRAS (check out the dear little badger photo). Oh! Should say, can you be very patient with me please if you do happen to leave me a comment it may take me a while to work out how to respond!! - My apologies, I really do appreciate it and am currently tearing my hair out trying to figure how too!! - so thanks anyway and I will be taking a trip 'over' to you in Germany again very soon to see all those gorgeous pieces of furniture. - Germany certainly knows how to 'do' Christmas!

Love Molly x


The blog of MBW said...

Ohhh! how sweet of you to do a blog about me. I know the feeling because a nice lady too left a comment on my blog and I was so happy about it.(Villa Luftslott) She's so friendly and warm and I felt at home with her right away. Pay her a visit when you get a chance. She is on my blog list.

Just take your time answering comments, I understand. I'm also learning my way around here. :-)

Have a nice day! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

You are very welcome!
& Yes! I managed to find a way to respond to you!! - You see I am learning!
I just love the way Germany and Northern Europe 'do' Christmas. It always reminds me of vintage Christmas cards (ooooh! I just adore them!).
I should imagine you are feeling the cold over in Germany.. The afternoons are so dark now - and I think I must be the only one who likes it that way! - Any excuse to close the curtains, put the fire on, light the candles and cozy up!
Come and visit again hun.
Molly x