Friday, 5 December 2008

Here - Catch!

Why 'catch'!? - Well, I'm sending out a bunch load of glittery, sparkly gold Molly stars to all you girls (and boys..) who have inspired me to get going with my own blog. - You know who you are and I thank you for the pure joy I receive from reading of your joys and sorrows - and all of your wonderful pictures too.
With my bucket of shiny stars overflowing I'm sending them out to anyone who may have just stumbled upon me - here - catch! - Do please return over the next few weeks as I attempt to make Molly's Mellow Moments a special place to visit. We will be talking about lots of subjects, and there is sure to be something of interest to you. Why not subscribe now?
I feel very much the new girl at school today as I begin to blog. You girls seem to have it down to a fine art in coming up with such interesting posts- I can only aspire to be like 'the big girls'!

The most important aspect I wish to convey in my blog is YOU! - Yes, of course you will hear about some of the things I get up too, or projects I am working on etc - but a blog isn't a great blog unless it's a two way thing - so please feel free to send me a 'Mollymessage'!
Just like the new girl in school, here I am wearing my new shiny shoes and very much finding my way around the blogging world - please be patient with me - I am always open to suggestions, and if I make a mistake or you can't understand my Mollythinking let me know!
An enormous thank you to a girl who really knows what she's doing! - Amber from Shabbee Chick Designs ( who is responsible for my gorgeous blog graphics. I am sure you will agree with me that she has made such an excellent job. Thank you once again Amber - you really have a gift to know what was going on in my head and convey that in graphics!!

So for now I will make a little visit to some of my favourite blogs where I feel I already 'know' many of you, maybe leave a message and an invitation for you to come over to mine to play.

Happy Friday to each one of you!

Molly x

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