Sunday, 11 January 2009

Where Do You Go?

So, where do YOU go to? - Now that reminds me of the lovely 60's song by someone who, incidentally, lives not far away from me- Peter Sarstedt - 'Where do you go to, my lovely'. Remember it?
What I mean is this - Where do you go when you want to take your thoughts off to somewhere else just to get away from the days turmoil? Don't we all have 'that' place we head off to for a bit of 'thought retreat' from time to time?
Above is a couple of photos of where I take my muddled thoughts from time to time.. . It's an achingly beautiful little cottage miles from anywhere called Pwll Pendre. Not only can I recommend it as somewhere beautiful to take your mind whilst travelling on the 6.30am to Victoria but this is a place one can actually go to for your holiday - in real life folks!
Pwll Pendre is a picture book Victorian cottage which sits prettily by the edge of a small pool (yes, with ducks!) on the beautiful Hafod estate near Cwmystwyth, mid Wales. It is most certainly one of the one most dramatic and beautiful landscapes we have visited during our trips to Wales over the years. This cottage is just so perfect for the ultimate ‘get away from it all’ break or holiday and is accessible only by quiet forest tracks – how rural is that?! We regularly entertained ducks for breakfast, and enjoyed feeding the woodpecker in the tree outside - and of course woke to the sound of bleating sheep each morning! Like all 'Under the Thatch' properties Pwll Pendre is expertly 'looked after' by a local housekeeper - thus keeping employment opportunities in the locality.
We enjoyed a fantastic peaceful week here last summer..miles away from a mobile/TV signal -thus no Internet..which is utterly perfect if one is seeking to truly 'get away from it all, enjoy the beautiful scenery and, well, and just get to know each other again (that’s if you want to of course!).
Pwll Pendre is one of several stunningly beautiful properties on the books of a thoroughly nice Welsh company called ‘Under the Thatch. Headed up by the talented, and so-very-nice Dr Greg Stevenson who has made it his life’s mission (well, one of 'em, he's talented remember) to remain green and ethical whilst renovating and sustaining old traditional Welsh properties. As well as knowing one is staying in an ethically managed and sustained property is is great to know it comes at a sensible price too - so refreshing these days. Having personally booked holidays over the years with Under the Thatch , it is a joy to see Greg and his devoted team receive the accolades their hard work so deserves. The Sunday Times place Under the Thatch as No. in the Top 50 Fabulous Places to Stay in The World! - The Observer goes on to say 'A gorgeous collection of places to stay in Wales' . Greg says,"We're delighted that our work has been recognised - particularly when we were presented the 2007 Ethical Travel award in the prestigious Guardian/Observer awards (and named again in their 2008 awards). We were also presented with an award in the Wales Sustainability Awards and also won the Best Tourism Business in Ceredigion and the Best Environmental Business in Ceredigion for 2007 (Ceredigion Business Awards).

Greg and his team offer a wonderful array of unusual properties to stay - From the traditional rustic cottages, a 'Showman's Wagon' to Romany caravans (more on staying in one of those in a few weeks time!) - even a renovated train carriage could be your holiday home on a spectacular cliff top setting, or try the delights of staying in a Yurt in a sleepy glade. Under the Thatch are never short of ideas to tempt.

So if you are looking for a 'real' short break or holiday I can guarantee that once you've stayed in one of these delightful properties, you too will be taking yourself off on a 'thought retreat'!
I wonder where Peter Sarstedt goes to? - Where do YOU go ?



Shellmo said...

Your photos are so lovely of this enchanting place! I would love to relax here!

liz said...

I had been wondering where Peter Sarstedt had gone to, now I know! I still have that on vinyl somewhere. (Found you via smockery dolls). I enjoyed reading your posts, I love Mama Mia too, I'm one of the 1 in 4, and I bought it for 2 friends as well, having seen it in the cinema, and I very much enjoyed the holiday film with jack Black, from the year before.

Sally said...

You have a great blog here, Molly. I've read quite a few of your posts. Keep up the good work! (I'm here from Tabitha's).

God bless. Oh, and when I need some down time, I enjoy listening to the ocean, and there's a lot around here in Florida. :)

dani said...

hi, molly:)
at first glance i thought pwll pendre was the cottage from "the holiday". i would totally love to stay in a place like that for a long weekend with my hubby. it is a darling looking estate and sounds like a fairytale...
where do we go???
we go to puerto aventuras spa palace in mexico!!! you should take a look-see; it, too, is amazing!!!
much love,

Maggie R said...

Hi Molly
Your blog is GREAT!!
I have really enjoyed my stay..
Thanks so much, I shall return,

Pat Winter said...

Oh I want to go to Pwll Pendre NOW!!! When I saw it I instantly felt the desire to run through the gate. It certainly is inviting. Oh I would love to step inside.
Thank you for visiting my blogs. I am off to explore yours. Have a wonderful day.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Hi Molly~ I stopped in for a visit and I had a lovely vacation while I was there. I would love to visit a place like that for real, but until then, thank you for taking me.
And oh yes, stop by to see me anytime.

Jillian said...

Hello, Molly! It is nice to "meet" you! This cottage looks wonderful....I definitely need to retreat there in my thoughts, at least, for now. Tee hee.

Pretty pretty blog!


*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hi molly
thanks for stopping by and saying hello
i love your blog :)
what a fantastic cottage-and you stayed there-how nice!!
where do i go?
the sea or the woods-anywhere peaceful and quiet and full of mom nature:)
enjoy your day
i'll be back
tabby :)

Tabitha said...

I usually go to the beach ~ and walk!
That cottage is soooo gorgeous ~ I love it!!
I think I would like to go there ~ just to get away from it all.
Love and big hugs Tabitha XXXX

The Joy of Nesting said...

Greetings Molly,

Yes you are right your little "vacation spot" is quite wonderful :) Wales has always been on my 1000 places to go before I die list. I just haven't gotten there yet :)

Thank you for dropping by the other day for a visit!!

Every now & then we get a starling or two who fly through the bars on the windows and have a dickens of a time finding the exit :) My favorite visitors are the ghekos, for such little guys they sure can talk loud!!:)

Please come by any time!! I'll stop by for a cup of tea soon!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

It's so nice to know that you too all have places you go too when you want a 'thought retreat'!

Shelley - thanks for your nice comments about the photo's...not my forte, but thanks! (and I know, not a patch on yours hun!).

Liz - Yes, it was strange about coming across Peter Sarstedt and realising he lives just along the coast - funny old world! Glad you enjoyed Mamm Mia too!

Sally - Thank you for your kind words and of course your visit - keep on dreaming of the sea!

Dani - Thank you too for your kind comments - The Spa Palace in Mexico! Wow, that's all I can say. - Let's all meet up!

Maggie - Thanks hun for your thoughtful words x

Pat W - You are an inspiration! - and such a busy lady - you deserve to go 'somewhere' for real!

Pat & My Tattered Elegance - thank you - lovely having to you visit!

Jillian- Thank you too for visiting - and I shall be over to 'see' you again soon!

Tabby & Crooked Heart Art - Thanks to you - and once again, just lurrrrve the name!

Tabitha - Get yourself over to Wales girl, you would adore it! (apart from the weather maybe...)x

Pattie from The Joy of Nesting - thank you too for your comments oh, it's so nice to be able to get a taste of warmer climes! - The thought of seeing gheko's sounds so exotic!!
I'll come and pay you a visit again!
It's great to know we all like to 'get away from it all' in so many different places x