Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Are You 'The One in Four'?

If, by any chance you've been on another planet these past six months and missed this fabulous film do get to see it, it really is an hour or so of fun and a fabulous diversion from the New Year gloom.
Incredible as it may sound, latest figures suggest that one in four of every UK households have seen it. - That's an awful lot of singing and Abba mania going on!
Like thousands of 'women of a certain age' I too was given the dvd of Mamma Mia! The Movie for Christmas, and most probably, like millions of others around the country (the world?) sat down on Christmas Day afternoon to watch it. It transported hubby and I back to our Abba loving days of the 70's when at that time one it was considered a bit odd or old fashioned to own up to liking Abba! We sang along to our hearts content (much to the annoyance of the 'teens in the family!) - thoroughly enjoying ourselves!
I reckon it would be the perfect remedy if you're currently snuggled down under the duvet nursing a nasty cold or cough, I think it's that mixture of happy singalong songs and a sunny Greek island location....oooh! sounds perfect! - If you are one of those 'suffering', go and nag someone into getting you a copy and get better soon!



dani said...

hi, molly:)
i haven't seen this one, yet, but intend to buy myself a copy the next time i head to walmart!!! i have heard by all who have seen it that it is wonderful.
i was actually supposed to go to see it on the big screen at the end of summer, but at the last minute was struck with shingles (the blistery type/not the roofly type, ha;).
i will let you know what i think as soon as i watch; thanks for the reminder:D

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

I'm sure it will be worth the wait Dani.
Sorry to hear you had shingles back in the Autumn. It is supposed to be really horrible - trust you aren't still suffering?
How is Katherine getting along now?
Trust she is picking up a bit, and I'm certain cuddly Cavs play a BIG part in recouperating! (talking of which I have little Hollie lying next to me with her head jammed on the keyboard!...it's the warmth she likes!) So many people seem to be struck down with all sorts 'round here. So far, been lucky with the family just having the odd cold, so fingers crossed!
All best

Tabitha said...

I love this film, I have seen it twice at the cinema and we now have it on DVD too!!
We have snuggled under the duvet a few times and watched it.
Hope all is well with you.
Love and hugs Tabitha xxx