Thursday, 15 January 2009

All Things Pretty!

Flora Thompson, a heart-warming scene from BBC's 'Lark Rise to Candleford' ...and a photo of a pair of cosy pink wrist warmers made by the talented Maggie from -Sure, one can see the link between the first two in that the delightful English novelist Flora Thompson (and doesn't she look just so lovely too?) wrote Lark Rise to Candleford. But where on earth do Maggie's fabulous wrist warmers fit into the picture?

For anyone having missed the wonderful adaptation of 'Lark Rise to Candleford' or more recently 'Cranford' on the BBC ( then do try and catch an episode, or get hold of the DVD. It is quite utterly charming and just so quaint, I can guarantee you will be transported into another, so much gentler era of lacy frocks where everyone spoke 'just -so'. I have to admit to the occasional daydream of living in those times, as one of the 'ladies' in her finery where life was just so utterly charming (well of course it would be in a BBC period drama!). There's something so endearing about the style and use of the English language in those days... wouldn't it be just fantastic if we could just slip back in time for day?
You can imagine my delight when I literally stumbled upon Maggie's' gorgeous hand knitted wrist warmers! Aren't they just so pretty and eccentric looking (in a nice way of course!)? When I spotted these I couldn't help imagining having a pair to match different outfits - those of us who are clever with a needle (that's me out) could embellish them with pretty little pearls,( or, and I realise this would be very unlike Larkrise, put some sequins on them!) Be still my overactive imagination!

If you should be unfamiliar with the work of Flora Thompson, you can check out her books here

Oh! If only I could knit! I've tried, honest I have, many a time I've sat there wincing and muttering naughty words, but, alas I just don't seem to have the patience for either knitting -or sewing . I blame my dear Mum of course (come on, don't us Mums get the blame for everything in life?!) who, in her working life was a gifted needlework teacher. Therefore with such wonderful creations in my little world - courtesy of Mum, I never had the need (or inclination!) to knit or sew. - That's my excuse anyway!

So, if you fancy prancing about like a real 'lady' in the style of Larkrise, then get your needles out guys and girls and get knitting! - For the rest of us 'needle-challenged' folk, maybe we can settle for just reading one of Flora Thompson's books or catching the series on TV!

For those interested in more delectable knitted items, similar to Maggie's lovely creations, take a look at Maggie's inspiration - Bella McBride at Oh! happy knitted dreams!

Happy knitting/sewing/reading or TV watching ...and don't forget to check out those wrist warmers! Gone on, tell me how you would embelish yours ...and what colour!



Bella McBride said...

Hi Molly!
What a delightful treat to be mentioned in your blog! Thank you so much but before anybody gets too excited, or disappointed, my patterns are for crochet!
Either way you have a beautiful blog and I'm thrilled to be mentioned in it!

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Bella! Thank you for your kind words.
Oops! Sorry about not mentioning the fact that your patterns were for crochet and not knitting - my mitake, so sorry..I did say I was fairly useless with anything connected to needles (or hooks in this case!). - Anyhow, I am sure peeps will have fun whatever their chosen craft, your creations are still gorgeous!
Thanks for visiting and look forward to coming on over to see you in the future.
Molly x
PS - I adore the pink hat with a flower in your picture, it's fabulous!

Tabitha said...

I love Cranford and Lark Rise ~ they are wonderful!!
Love the wrist warmers ~ they are soooo cute!
Love and hugs XXXX

dani said...

hi, sweet molly:)
i love that era, too, and am looking forward to learning a bit about ms. flora thompson. the wrist warmers are darling!!! if i could knit, i believe i would knit a pair of very soft white ones adorn with tiny pearls...
much love,
ps. one of these days i'm going to learn to knit and play the guitar:P