Tuesday, 3 February 2009

88,059 Clicks & Counting...

Oh dear, this gorgeous vintage gal looks like she is every inch the winner here receiving her prize.. I think I too may be in line for an award, but possibly for the wrong reasons..

You may remember that a month ago I mentioned that I had installed an interesting little gadget on my computer called 'WhatPulse'? Well, my teenage son installed it, most probably to prove that I spend longer on the computer than he does. And before you ask, yes I do..

'WhatPulse' 'counts' how many times you click your mouse, how many key strikes you make - which in turn turns that number into how many 'miles' one has travelled around the world...Yeah, I know, a bit of a silly sort of idea, especially when one is having a full on relationship with their computer like I am..

So, I promised to return one month later with my 'WhatPulse' statistics. - So here goes

97,748 Keystrokes (but that's already out of date given that I am typing right now..) 88,059 Clicks and apparently, I have 'moved' 3.52 miles..

Given that this gadget is installed on my second computer and not the main one , one could possibly think of doubling this amount, Oh dear, that sounds like an awful amount of clicking and keystroking in a space of just one month, no wonder my fingers ache!

Come on, I've declared mine, anyone else out there brave/stupid enough to install WhatPulse and declare theirs?


Shellmo said...

Molly - I'm very afraid - I think I might be double your numbers!

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Shelley! Now that does relieve the guilt somewhat!!

Cass said...

I don't think I have enough courage to count the clicks! I might find out how much time I spend at the computer. When my daughters were "little" and I was at the computer they would say that "Mommy is playing with her imaginary friends."

Nathalie Thompson said...

I think I don't want to KNOW how many keystrokes for me, thank you. :)

I found you through Bella Mcbride. I'll drop in again when I am not in a rush (browsing at a bad time- kids are almost home from school!)

Sharon Kay said...

Hi Molly, I do not think I want that gadget because I all ready know I spend way to much time on this little machine we call a computer. But after saying that......I have to do my banking, and of course I have to read blogs and I do have a favorite game I have to play every day and I guess I just have so much to do..I just have to.......Sharon K

dani said...

i didn't install, molly... i already know that i'm on my laptop waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much. my computer takes a linking and i keep on clicking, ha!!!

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

- Good to know there are some very sensible folk out there!(unlike myself!)
There's no going back for me now when I tell our youngest son that he spends too long on his computer is there?!
..I can just imagine it now if I was to to join a 'Computer Addiction Group'..."My name is Molly and I clock up over 88,000 clicks a month" :)
Keep on clicking girls, I know I will! x

Inq said...

WhatPulse is awesome. I've been using it for quite a while, and I currently have 5,748,142 keystrokes (almost to 6 million!)

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Oh my goodness Inq! - Now that has got to be a score to be proud (or ashamed) of!
Makes me (and the rest of us) feel much better about our obsessions!
All best
Happy clicking!